Greater Mullins Chamber of Commerce
Saturday, June 24, 2017
Whether your business needs advertising or a site setup, this is the place you need to be.  As a small business, advertising is a difficult thing to do.  The chamber has developed a program through the new website to offer businesses the opportunity to advertise or develop a web page while keeping the budget in check.   As a chamber, we want to help any business in the community to make themselves more accessible to the public they serve.  See if any of the advertising spots will fit your budget and if so, just contact Cindy at the chamber with what size ad you would like, what you want the ad to say and if it needs to be linked to an existing web page.
Members can advertise a spot on the front page (200 px. x 100 px. max) for a cost of $50.00 per month.  Non-members can advertise for $95.00 per month.  Inside page ads will be 125 px wide x 100- 300 px. tall
and will run $30.00 to $50.00 depending on the size of the ad. 
Front Page Ad:
200 px x 100 px  --- $50.00  (Only 3 available)
Inside Pages:
125 px x 100 px ---  $30.00
125 px x 200 px ---  $40.00
125 px x 300 px ---  $50.00
 Let the chamber know if you have a page in particular you would like to place your ad.
Calendar Page:
625 px x 150  ---  $70.00
 This ad is automatically located below the calendar itself.
Restaurants: add a menu page for only $30.00 a year.  Give hours of operation, a range of menu costs.
Please send a list of the menu along with your hours.  If you have different hours for buffets or anything special on certain nights, please inform us of this.  We want your menu page to be appetizing.  Every single item on the menu may not be listed for space issues.  But what we need is the idea of what you serve and if there are any specialties.
Web pages are available.  The Chamber can build up to 4 pages for your personal website.  No worries about getting your domain name and server and the hassle of paying someone big fees to build the site.  For $100.00 the chamber can have you a site within two weeks of payment. 
The $100.00 covers a single page* website.  Additional pages will be a small up-charge, but this amount will be presented at a later date.  The fee covers the setup and a years service.  Renewals will only be $25.00 to continue the website service.   From June 1 through the year the chamber is offering a special.  If you elect to do this service, the fee for setup and service will carry over until January of the following year.  
Chamber of Commerce
1 North Main Street
Mullins, SC 29574
(843) 464-6651
*Single page is limited to how much material can be posted.
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