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Kiwanis Club of Marion County

Kiwanis helps kids around the world. Local clubs look out for our communities and the international organization takes on large-scale challenges, such as fighting disease and poverty. We are generous with our time. We are creative with our ideas. We are passionate about making a difference. And we have fun along the way.

For more than a century, Kiwanis has created opportunities for children to be curious, safe and healthy regardless of the community in which they live. When you give a child the chance to learn, experience, dream, grow, succeed and thrive, great things can happen.

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2522 E. Hwy. 76
Marion , SC  29571 USA


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Marion County Healthcare Foundation

Located at 230 South Main Street in Mullins, South Carolina, the foundation was established in 2010 from the proceeds acquired when the Marion County Medical Center was sold.  Governed by the Board of Directors, the foundation manages and invests the charitable funds and uses the interest to aid, support and improve the quality of life in Marion County via grants and scholarships to deserving individuals and organizations. Our staff manages the day to day operations of the foundation that serves Marion County, South Carolina.

All funds are used exclusively for charitable purposes to provide grants to nonprofits or institutions for educational assistance. Most funds are permanent endowments that grow over time and provide a portion to be used for grants and scholarships each year. Funds share modest administrative expenses on a pro rata basis. Assets are invested in our master portfolio unless a donor specifies otherwise.

Financial institutions and investment firms are used for long-term performance to invest our assets. Our board sets investment policies and monitors performance with help from our investment committee and investment advisor. An independent accounting firm audits our accounts annually. We will post investment performance on our website and publish results in our annual report.

We are a catalyst that links community leaders and organizations to tackle key issues. We award grants to nonprofit organizations in our region and work with educational institutions to determine scholarship and educational needs in the community.

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230 S Main St
Mullins, SC 29574 USA


(843) 464-0533 (Main)

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Mullins Rotary Club

Rotary District 7770 makes an impact throughout its neighborhoods and around the world through our focus on Rotary’s Five Avenues of Service.

Club Service focuses on strengthening individual clubs. Without our Rotary Clubs, we wouldn’t have District 7770.

Vocational Service focuses on involving club members in serving others through their various professions. Rotarians are business leaders, and their Rotary involvement can inspire others through vocational service.

Community Service focuses on club projects and volunteer efforts that clubs perform together to have a direct impact on their immediate communities.

International Service focuses on performing humanitarian projects around the world and furthering Rotary’s goal of peace through understanding.

New Generations is Rotary’s effort to involve younger generations in the world of Rotary by providing them dynamic opportunities to lead.

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Wildlife Action

Wildlife Action, Inc. is a private, nonprofit, 50l(c)(3) tax-exempt conservation organization with a 509(d)(2) public charity status. WLA was first idealized in 1977 by seven hunters as they sat on the banks of the Great Pee Dee River discussing the diminishing number of ducks in South Carolina. They realized that it was the ethical responsibility of each individual to take care of the environment, wildlife and our natural resources. Since 1983, WLA has grown from this small group of concerned sportsmen into a diverse group of men, women and children who share a mutual concern for the earth and its inhabitants and work together for the common cause. 

One of the most important elements for successful conservation projects is to have strong, well-structured local chapters. WLA’s motto “Local Folks Solving Local Problems” encourages a community to work with its citizens in confronting local issues. The slogan Wildlife Action has adopted is “To Put Back More Than We Take” and it is through chapter efforts that WLA members make their community a better place in which to live.

A Wildlife Action chapter has the potential to make changes within its city and state, changes including wildlife protection, better hunting and fishing regulations, preserving scenic rivers, educating youth in responsible conservation practices, and much more.

If YOU want to make that special difference, if YOU care about this good earth and our future generations, we invite YOU to organize a Wildlife Action chapter. Not only will YOU find it a most gratifying experience, YOU will enjoy many fun-filled activities as a member of a family-oriented group of concerned conservationists.

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405 N Main St
Mullins , SC 29574 USA


(843) 464-8473 (Main)

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