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Battle LP Gas

The Battles

The first Jim Battle of Nichols bought a general store in 1914. The Battle family has continued his legacy of service through J. R. Battle & Company and Battle LP Gas Company for nearly a century.

Ninety Years in Nichols

The Battle family businesses can be divided into three stages: from inception to World War II, when Jim Battle oversaw the company’s operations; from the end of the war through the 1970s, when the second generation, James and Randolph, took over; and from the end of the seventies to the present, when a third generation of Battles – Jim Jr., Bob, and Randy – the current management, stepped up to the plate.

In 1963, the company began selling propane gas, forming Battle LP Gas Company. At first, most of the gas business was geared toward agriculture, particularly tobacco. But as tobacco quotas began to fall in the 1980s, the Battles decided to branch out into other areas.

In 1988, they opened an office in Florence, which services residential, commercial, and industrial customers.

Battle LP Gas Company serves areas in Marion, Florence, Dillon, Marlboro, and Horry Counties in South Carolina and Columbus County in North Carolina. The company has four bulk plants located in Marion, Horry, and Florence Counties.

The company handles all energy needs, including heating and air conditioning systems. We don’t just sell propane – we sell a warm house, hot water, dry clothes, cooking, gas logs, everything for which gas energy is used.

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106 N Main St
Nichols, SC 29581 USA


(843) 526-2132 (Main)

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Ford’s Fuel and Propane

Ford’s Fuel and Propane Gas was established in 1923 by a family who moved to Loris from Pages Mill S.C., now known as Lake View. With a strong desire to serve more customers in a growing area, they built there business on honesty and hard work, that tradition was passed on to his son, his grandsons and now to their sons. Founder, Walter Boyd Ford, delivered gasoline with a mule and wagon during the construction of Hwy. 9, and continued to keep the Ford family business going through the depression. His son and grandsons ventured into many different types of services over the years, but the focus has stayed on supplying the very best product and services at a competitive price.
That desire to serve our customers in Horry and surrounding counties is very present today. You can count on us to perform a safe and professional delivery or installation in your home or business. Our customers have helped build our business by telling others about the professional service they received over the years. We desire to give you that same level of service once you become one of our customers.

Fords Fuel Service offers gasoline and diesel fuel at both of their locations. Bulk deliveries of any quantity can be arranged with our small delivery truck or tanker quantities up to 9000 gallons. We offer long term contracts for large users and a variety of hedging tools.

Fords Propane Gas offers sales, service, and installation of all types of gas appliances. Indoor and outdoor appliances like fireplaces, gas logs, outdoor kitchens, tankless water heaters, shop heaters, commercial cooking equipment, pool heaters, gas lights, generators, grills and space heaters.

Please call or come by one of our offices today and speak with one of our representatives.


We strive to deliver a level of service that exceeds the expectations of our customers.

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Loris Location

4115 Holly Street
Loris , SC 29569 USA

Monday - Friday 7:30am - 5:30pm Saturday 8am - 12pm


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