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James Scott Bullard

Hailing from South Carolina, James Scott Bullard’s past is fraught with love, loss, death, addiction, pain, suffering, torrid tales of flirting with the devil, the wrath of deep South religion, a constant walk on a moral tightrope and more Southern Gothic lore than a Tennessee Williams play.
A ragged soul, rough around the edges, dark, brooding, afflicted and haunted, but by the same token, a brilliant, introspective, prolific poet.
He truly does have a fascinating, almost unbelievable back-story, which of course like his predecessors, is filled with drugs, women, guns, near-death experiences and the usual ‘territory’ of surviving all that and coming out on the other side (at least barely physically) intact.
It is immediately obvious that the kind of pain in his voice and tales of woe do NOT come from having lived an easy life, but, isn’t that what country music is supposed to be? The blues? It’s not supposed to be squeaky clean and safe, it’s supposed to be dirty, sexy, dangerous and a little bit scary.”

For tour dates and more information, visit his website here.

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