Greater Mullins Chamber of Commerce
Saturday, June 24, 2017
Mullins offers a unique quality of life.   Many people have moved to Mullins because it offers a slower pace.  Residents take time to speak to one another.  Family still takes a priority over the work schedule.  Friends see each other in the local grill and take a moment to joke about old times.   Mullins does not have the traffic situation that many other towns and cities encounter.  Mullins has a quality public school system and offers a choice of two private schools.  There are many activities to occupy a kid or an adult when it comes to the Mullins Recreation Center.  The Mullins Recreation Center  has a large facility for tennis, soccer, football, baseball and a full size track to stay in shape.
Mullins has restaurants that brings people from miles around to enjoy the atmosphere that we enjoy everyday.
By being close to the beach, its only an hour drive away.  Any local can enjoy all the sights and sounds of the beach and then drive back to a more subtle home life.  At the moment, the Mullins area is a great place to buy a house due to the price of homes in the area.  If interested there are homes for sale and affordable apartments for rent.
With numerous churches in the area, there are many choices for most denominations.  There is a list of churches in the community directory for anyone to find.  Religion has played a big part in the area through the years and it shows with some of the old church structures.
Speaking of great structures, Mullins has a historical district in which many buildings were restored to their original appearance.  This is one of the charms to the southern city.  Mullins was known as a big tobacco town years ago and therefore there is a great tobacco museum behind the chamber office for anyone to visit.  Click here for times and how to make reservations.
If you have never visited Mullins, you need to set a date on the schedule planner and take a day to tour the town, eat at one of our wonderful restaurants and do some shopping with our local merchants, who still believe in treating you with a southern charm of the past.